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Invercauld Estate has been under the stewardship of the Farquharson family since the early 1500’s, and covers approximately 95,000 acres of the Cairngorms National Park.

From the crags of Ben Avon in the north, to Braemar on the Clunie Water to the west, then east to Crathie and Ballater and south to Glenshee, Invercauld Estate boasts some of the most iconic and spectacular scenery the Cairngorms National Park has to offer. The Estate covers five very different types of terrain from montane and moorland through woodland to the valley floor and the riparian area along the Estate's four main rivers.

Our interests and activities are as varied as those landscapes. From natural habitats for rare wild animals and birds to idyllic Highland villages with a rich cultural life, we work to preserve our heritage and promote sustainable living within the Estate. Investment is made in both the natural and the human world as we strive to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

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Gleann Beag (C) Steven Rennie / Steven Rennie Photography

Environment and People

The management of Invercauld Estate is founded on the delivery of sustainability in three areas - the local economy, the environment and the community.

Our focus is on supporting a thriving local environment, economy and community, each element of this ‘sustainability triangle’ supporting the other.  Over 70 people are employed on or by the Estate, the vast majority on the ground looking after the land and its people.  

As well as running various businesses ourselves, we lease land and property to farmers and other business owners as well as several buildings to groups from the wider community. We also provide homes to local workers.

In our various business activities, the environment provides for us but is also conserved by us. Natural woodland regenerates. Blanket bog with areas of deep peat and moss are protected. Pristine heather moorland, wild grassland and montane are managed to ensure their survival and to maintain natural habitats for thriving populations of mountain hare, eagles, golden plover, curlew, ptarmigan and black grouse among many others. We also work in partnership with various groups and organisations to help meet mutual environmental objectives.

With 50% of the Estate designated as SSSI, SAC and/or SPA, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and work to facilitate responsible public access within this wider context. This is vital for delivery of the local and national public good.

Caring for the Land / Community

Photo of a Highland Cow at Invercauld Estate (C) Angus McNicol / Invercauld Estate

A Working Landscape

The land works for us while we work to conserve its natural beauty for future generations.

A proportion of the Estate’s woodland is managed for timber, one of nature’s most useful products. We run an in-hand farming enterprise as well, with a flock of principally blackface sheep. In addition, we provide seasonal grazings for a number of farmers and lease out 18 farms on long-term tenancies.

Invercauld covers a variety of landscapes and we believe we have a duty to take responsibility for its conservation. This is inherent in the various businesses on the Estate such as the management of moorland for grouse shooting. Specific projects are also undertaken to help nature beyond the benefits of these commercial activities. For example, trees are planted at riversides to help create healthy environments for fish populations and we also repair eroded peatland to preserve the carbon within. These, and many other activities, are essential to maintain and conserve our native flora and fauna as well as providing jobs locally.

Spanning around 95,000 acres of pristine highland landscape, Invercauld is a stunning location for photography and film. Mountains, hills, lochs, traditional villages, cottages and working farms all change with the seasons to provide stunning scenery for any narrative, be it a work of fiction or nature.

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Farquharson's Bar and Kitchen Braemar (C) Steven Rennie / Steven Rennie Photography

Lettings and Sales

From houses to shops, a pub and large farms, we offer a range of residential and commercial properties for local businesses.

If you are starting a business and need premises, we want to support your venture if we can because our priorities lie in keeping our local economy healthy. We also provide accommodation for around 140 people in residential properties and have accommodation available to let from time to time.

If you want to embrace the adventure of Scottish culture at its most authentic by taking up residence in the Cairngorms National Park or setting up a business here, we would be interested to hear from you to see if we can help.

Lettings and Sales

Hillwalking in Braemar

Sport and Leisure

Sporting activities at Invercauld Estate

Country sports are a feature of highland life from shooting red grouse and stalking red deer to fishing for salmon and sea trout on the River Dee. We have four shooting and stalking beats across the Estate with various levels of physical challenge according to the terrain. All days are led by experienced gamekeepers and stalkers. There are first class fishing opportunities on the river where you will be accompanied by a fishing ghillie to apprise you of their knowledge of the river and the fish within. We operate a catch-and-return policy.

If getting out in the great outdoors on foot or bicycle is your preferred way to see the world, there are a plethora of opportunities at Invercauld. Extreme sport enthusiasts can walk or cycle up mountain trails, or climb to the peak of one of the 11 Munros on the Estate. Hikers can take part in led walks around the Estate or go it alone with a map on one of many tracks, taking time to absorb the view and the wildlife. Wherever you go, expect incredible highland landscapes but always plan well and stay within your capabilities.

For skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, the Glenshee Ski Centre’s 25 miles of pistes reach over three valleys and four Munros and incorporates nursery slopes, 26 blue and red runs, and a further two black runs for the most experienced. This is an incredible way to discover the highlands, whatever your level of ability.

How do you want to experience the Highlands? There’s something for everyone at Invercauld…

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Braemar, Ballater and Beyond

Traditional communities are hives of knowledge

Braemar and Ballater are both shining examples of highland life with a distinctive traditional architecture. From castles and traditional shops selling local crafts to modern restaurants embracing new ideas, community life is rich. We are committed to supporting both villages through leases for community groups and business enterprises, buying produce made in the area and staffing the Estate where we can from the local population.

Wherever you go at Invercauld, highland life is evident. With imposing mountains overseeing community activity, it is no surprise that they influence our take on things.

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