Understanding the land helps maintain the balance of natural life

Invercauld is a working Estate. Stewardship of the land is a round-year engagement and our staff are highly experienced in its care. Throughout the seasons, they work to ensure that the land and the people and animals that make their home here thrive along with the businesses that rely on them. The cyclical form of the seasons dictates our schedule as we strive to nurture this incredible natural world. There are five types of landscape in our care, each with their own idiosyncrasies, ranging from montane and high moorland, down to woodlands, the valley floor and, finally, riparian.

Throughout the seasons, the land, and the flora and fauna it supports, is changing, growing and naturally regenerating; it is our role to act as stewards and to react to any changes that affect the balance.


Exploring the zones

Move your cursor over the photograph below to illuminate the different zones, then click on the highlighted area to find out more about it.