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The Braemar Royal Highland Society has been organizing the Braemar Gathering since 1832. It is a charity event that aims to foster and promote local community development whilst acquainting visitors with the best of Scottish culture. In the past, the Gathering was held on Invercauld Estate but it now has its own grounds in the village. Everyone is welcome to attend and the event is frequented by members of the royal family, too. 

The role of Chieftain of the Ballater Highland Games was held by Captain Alwyne Farquharson for a remarkable 72 years. Since his death, Alwyne’s great nephew, Philip, has assumed the role. The Games take place in Monaltrie Park in Ballater and feature traditional Highland sporting activities.

We have hosted the Scottish 6 Days orienteering challenge, a biennial, family-friendly event that attracts over 3000 competitors from around the world helping to boost the local economy. We have also welcomed various charity challenges to the Estate with the likes of True Grit, an endurance events planning agency. Being a multi-terrain Estate, Invercauld is perfect for such events: from mountain top to riverside, courses can be tailored to provide as much or as little challenge as desired.

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