Working to promote this unique environment for the public good

As custodians of the land we are keen to promote a strong sense of community to naturally preserve local culture and traditions for generations to come.

Invercauld Estate runs as a business employing people in the local area and provides housing for many of them. We value the expert knowledge of our gamekeepers, ghillies, maintenance team, timber harvesters, foresters and others in the broader community that help us expand our outreach and investment in our locality.

Our property portfolio comprises rental accommodation for residential and business purposes. We seek to keep these at rates that help retain essential businesses, people and their families with a view to maintaining a healthy local economy.

In Braemar, we let out a number of shops and a pub. We also let out eighteen farms, helping to keep local farming practices alive.

Commercial woodlands are a hive of activity throughout the year. We employ a head forester to manage them and local contractors to fell the trees whilst various Scottish sawmills process the timber. A local contractor then mounds the ground before it is replanted with saplings that are grown in the Northeast of Scotland by a local supplier from seeds sourced from upper Deeside. Scots Pine is renowned for its strength and durability and has been used in the furniture and construction industry for centuries. We are proud to carry this tradition forward through sustainable forestry.

We are owners of Braemar Golf Course, Braemar Caravan Park and Glenshee Ski Centre, so we have a responsibility to promote tourism to secure employment and, in doing so, boost the wider local economy.

The villages of Braemar and Ballater are two such places that benefit from the influx of tourists hoping to experience a little of our way of life. We provide Castleton Hall for community use in Braemar and the Victory Hall and Rifle Range in Ballater. We also sponsor Braemar Community Ltd, the Ballater Highland Games and various other local causes to assist in wider community ventures.

We maintain around 385 kilometres of tracks and footpaths with over fifty bridges across the Estate, opening up the land for all to enjoy whether resident or visitor. The Estate absorbs the vast majority of the costs employed maintaining these paths and bridges. We also offer car parking facilities to help providers of guided walks so that local knowledge of land, flora and fauna can be imparted to people of all ages and walks of life.

We are proud to serve our community and actively seek ways to conserve the local way of life and our role within it.