Film Locations

Invercauld Estate is an ideal choice for a variety of TV and film locations. The Estate extends to some 100,000 acres of magnificent and wild scenery throughout Perthshire and Royal Deeside, with an abundance of outstanding natural attractions and encompassing all the very best of Scottish wildlife.

There are so many opportunities for either still or moving filming that they would be difficult to list; but included are high and barren mountain tops, a ski area, forests, at least five remote and beautiful hill lochs, the Rivers Dee, Clunie and Shee plus lower farming countryside.

Added to the natural areas are a large variety of properties; including derelict cottages, farm and gamekeepers cottages, a shooting lodge and the impressive 17th Century fortress, Braemar Castle.

Wildlife on Invercauld Estate is in abundance, with herds of red deer to be seen on the hillside and in the valleys, and mountain hares,grouse,ptarmigan, eagles and buzzards never far from view. The changing seasons here are often quite dramatic, with winter blizzards a fairly common feature.

The Estate employs around 25 staff, many who would be happy to assist film crews in a variety of roles, from being extras to advising on specialist subjects such as deer stalking, fishing and forestry. Landrovers and ATVs from the Estate could be hired for transporting film crews and equipment to the less accessible locations. Braemar village offers a good selection of accommodation for crews and the Estate also has two properties for rental.

The Estate office would be very pleased to discuss availability, facility and location fees etc.
A number of light entertainment, commercials and feature films have been filmed on the Estate, including the award winning “John West Salmon” advert